Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dems benefit from record youth turnout

This is one of the best pieces of news I've seen in a long time. I just hope that the young people that have engaged in this election cycle actually show up to vote in November.

Dems benefit from record youth turnout
Candidates use Web to grab, hold interest


TOLEDO -- Ben Cohen admits he has been a little obsessive this year, but not about the usual things that preoccupy most 23-year-olds.

At every free moment, Cohen is at his computer keyboard, checking out Web sites about the presidential race.

"I'm reading everything I can get my hands on," said Cohen, a jazz musician who does gigs in local bars. "It's almost like they're tabloid celebrities or something."

The prospect of a change from President George W. Bush's presidency is driving Cohen. "There's such potential," he said, adding that he didn't feel that in 2004.

Last weekend, Cohen prepared for the important vote he'll cast Tuesday in Ohio's Democratic presidential primary by attending rallies in Toledo for Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Voters younger than 30 are having a big impact on presidential campaigning this year. Exit polls reveal that they're voting in unprecedented numbers, and Democrats -- especially Obama -- are benefiting.

Obama, the 46-year-old Illinois senator who could seal the Democratic nomination with wins in Ohio and Texas, is driving much of the enthusiasm. He has geared his campaign to not only appeal to young people but to get them to vote.

"Everybody is tired after the last seven years and hoping for a change. And there's so much hope in his message," said Janell Scott, 24, a resident of Columbus, Ohio, who drove nearly three hours to see Obama in Toledo on Sunday.

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