Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The cost of the war in Iraq in Oakland County

Below are the pictures of the 18 young men from your district that died fighting the disaster of a war in Iraq. 18 families whose sons will never return, because George W. Bush, sent them to war based on a lie. Some will say the level of violence is down since we sent more troops. But the purpose of the so-called surge was to allow for political reconciliation, which has not happened, even according to General Petraeus.

Now, not only has the war ruined our reputation around the world, but it has come home to roost in the steep decline in our economy and is wreaking havoc here at home. When is enough enough? When will our troops come home? It's time for the Republican party to be removed from elected office so that responsible leaders can bring our young men and women home to their families and take care of their needs, physical and mental. Enough!

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