Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Politically Speaking: Skinner: All-star, but can she hit? No!

In today's Detroit Free Press, the Politically Speaking column covers Nancy Skinners being the DFA All-star, but they also mention she only had $6700 as of the end of December in cash on hand.

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An All-Star, but can she hit?

Nancy Skinner of Royal Oak got a boost in her challenge to Republican Rep. Joe Knollenberg last week.

Democracy for America, a progressive blog, named Skinner its 2008 All-Star among 98 candidates for Congress. It could bring Skinner much-needed campaign cash. She reported only $6,785 in her campaign fund at the end of 2007, compared with Knollenberg's $1,035,640.

Skinner's Democratic rival for the seat, ex-lottery commissioner Gary Peters, reported $358,516.

Peters is to campaign today with U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


Mitch said...

I spoke to Rep Van Holland a few months ago in DC. The DCCC is very excited about Gary Peter's chances of winning against Knollenberg. They are flush with cash while the GOP is scraping by. This will be a National election watched by all media. Asked about Skinner, said she was a non-factor. For all the crap she dishes about the Party and considering the lack of respect the Party is showing her, I have to ask,"Why does she seek the Democratic Party's nomination?" She would be the perfect Green Party candidate. Environmentally astute, refuses PAC money and no chance of winning.

Bruce Fealk said...

Good assessment, Mitch. She has made herself into a pariah in the Democratic party. She needs to run as an independent or Greenie for sure. After all her attacks on the party, she won't be able to get elected as dog catcher.