Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eccentric: County commissioners plan re-election bids

County commissioners plan re-election bids
By Annette Kingsbury STAFF WRITER

Though the filing deadline is still a couple of months away, the four incumbent Oakland County commissioners who represent greater Rochester have all announced they are running for re-election. One of them is facing a challenge from within his own party.
Sue Ann Douglas, R-Rochester, who represents District 12, Michael Gingell, R-Orion Township, District 3, Tim Greimel, D-Rochester Hills, District 11, and Bob Gosselin, R-Troy, District 13, are all seeking re-election. Republican Frank Johnston of Rochester Hills has filed paperwork indicating he will run for Gosselin's seat. He could not be reached for comment.

Gingell, Greimel and Gosselin are all in their first term on the board of commissioners. Douglas is the current commission's longest-serving member.
All four incumbents said the county is facing tough financial challenges due to Michigan's difficult economy. But they all want to stick around to help solve the problem.
"I've been part of the team that has changed Oakland County government and I plan to be there to finish the job," Douglas said. "We have made Oakland the premier county in the nation by reforming the way we operate. ... I'd like to be there to help guide Oakland County through this difficult time and continue to reform Oakland County operations."
Gingell, whose district includes Oakland Township, said he will continue to work on government efficiency. Click here for the rest of the story.

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Mitch said...

Thanks for posting this type of information. I think it is important to know in advance of the filing deadline who is running.
Tim Greimel is certainly a Commissioner who deserves re-election. Bob Gosselin is not. I don't know who Frank Johnston is but a ham sandwich would be better for the Commission than Gosselin.